Coaster is the product of advanced Toyota technology and a total commitment to strict quality standards. Designed for people and crafted for durability and economy, it delivers precise handling, a powerful response, and comprehensive safety amenities. Its balanced combination of luxury, spaciousness and performance makes the Toyota Coaster an enjoyable, efficient means of travel for up to 30.

Designed with an eye for performance

Coaster provides outstanding driving response in all road conditions and load situations, as well as Toyota reliability, whether you choose a diesel or petrol engine.

Toyota’s commitment to the environment is confirmed by Coaster’s excellent fuel efficiency, low exhaust emissions and plastic parts code-marked for easy sorting.

The Coaster’s chassis and independent front suspension were engineered for perfect balance of comfort and durability. Tandem boosters are standard on long wheelbase models, while front disc brakes are optionally available for all Coasters.

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