Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser has proved boundless in setting new milestones, marking over 60 years of remarkable achievements. Today, the legendary 4WD, renowned for its ability to conquer some of the most rugged terrains in the world, continues to thrill with its legendary on road performance as well as off road, staking its rightful claim as the Pride of the Land!
The legendary Land Cruiser dominates the 4WD sector, taming the wildest terrains in the world for generations.

Offering you the highest on-road stability and a long suspension stroke for off-road exploring, KDSS minimises body roll to car-like proportions. In off-road situations, the wheel articulation is even more impressive, improving ground coverage on a variety of different terrains. Once you have experienced KDSS, you won’t be able to resist the draw of off-roading in your Land Cruiser.

Land Cruiser features two transmission systems optimised for petrol and diesel engines.

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