Spare Parts

Toyota strongly recommends genuine spare parts for your vehicles trouble free long life and carefree driving pleasures. Always use genuine parts with hollow graphic seals that guarantees quality & reliability both to your spending.

List of Parts

Spark Plug

The spark plug produces a spark that ignites a compressed mixture of petrol and air. In other words, it functions as a lighter.

Misfiring or abnormal sparking could occur if the spark plug is worn or fouled. These effects could lead to a decrease in torque and an increase in fuel consumption. Moreover, overheating of the spark plug causes abnormal combustion, which can lead to engine damage.

Air Cleaner

The air cleaner removes solid particulates from air before it is supplied to engine. Hence, it maintains the potential performance of the vehicle.

If the air cleaner become dirty, the vehicle may consume more fuel, and the engine may malfunction and fail. Early replacement of a dirty air cleaner is recommended, especially in cities where air is highly contaminated.

Break Pad

The brake pad is one of the components of a disk brake. When the brakes are pressed, the brake pad comes in contact with the brake rotor. Friction between the pad and the rotor causes the vehicle to slow down and eventually stop.

Break pad wear leads to a decrease in braking performance; in the worst-cost scenario, the brakes fail completely.

Clutch Disks

The clutch disk, which is placed between the engine and the transmission, controls the power transferred from the engine to the transmission. Since a clutch utilizes friction, it is inevitable for clutch facing (friction material) to be worn and damage as the travel distance increases.

If the clutch disk is worn, the vehicle cant be started and driven smoothly. It also becomes difficult to change gears. Because of this problem, the vehicle could consume more fuel, and in the worst-case scenario, it may break down.

Timing Belt

The timing belt is used to control the timing of the camshaft(s) and crankshaft. It can be considered to be the “lifebelt” of the engine.

If the timing belt breaks during vehicular motion, the engine stops running. This is a very dangerous situation. In most cases, the valves and pistons may collide with each other and damage the engine beyond repair. Thus required engine replacement which may cost a great deal.

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