Toyota Genuine Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is used inside the brake cylinder of a vehicle and is critical for the smooth functioning of the brake. Toyota Genuine Brake fluid is an extra high performance brake fluid for use in Automotive Disc, anti-skid brake & clutch system.
Product Grade: DOT 3 Toyota Spark Plug

General Characteristics

• High boiling point.
• Contains antioxidant, corrosion inhibitor, PH modifier, Anti rust & anti wear additives to provide higher performance
• Minimize the water absorption & variation in boiling point.
• Minimize rubber swelling that cause the leakage of brake fluid.
• Highly recommended by Toyota for Toyota vehicles
• More than 40,000 KM mileage.

Dot 3 Boiling point ºC
  Dry   205 ºC or higher
  Wet   140 ºC or higher