Customer Relations

Customer Relations is the face of our organization. We tend to eradicate the communicational gap between the customers and Toyota. Customer Relations Department is the bridge where we connect with customers hand-to-hand. We pay extra attention and care to our customers in terms of their needs, satisfaction level and taking charge of their concerns. We validate swift and smooth running of all departments i.e. Sales, Service, Parts and T-Sure.

Since we are always in a pursue to keep our customers delight hence we tend to base our business practices according to the Voice of Our Customers and act respectively. In the haste of keeping our customers satisfied we focus on each and every customer whether it be individual or corporate.

THWM CR Responsibility

We establish a point of contact between customer and Toyota by taking into consideration their inquiries and complaints. We build strong and ever lasting relationships with our customer and act as coating layer to make sure our customers never go disappointed. We maintain positive image of our company by engaging with the customer, getting in their shoes and keeping them well informed and updated with all required information.

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