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Hub Rally Cross

The introduction of motor-sports in Pakistan has injected a new wave of excitement for the route drivers. The contributions of Shujat Sherwani, Chief Executive of Toyota Highway|Hub Motors for the promotion of this new thriller sport can never fade. The initiative taken by Toyota Highway to hold "Hub rally Cross" events is the reason we are witnessing dozens of motorsport races in the various regions of Pakistan, either deserts or mountains Shujat Sherwani always leads from the front.

Chief Executive of the Toyota Highway, Shujat Sherwani is considered as the pioneer of motor-sport in Pakistan as due to his vision of the "Hub Rally Cross" concept this sport is progressing all over the country at a rapid pace.

Pakistan's famous Hub rally Cross is annually organized, and track is extended to the Gaddani Coast where 50 km track is prepared specially for the race, it involves mountainous and desert portions as well which will make it three in one track field. Top rally drivers will be featuring in from across the country named Nadir Magsi, Rony Patel, Amir Magsi, Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali, Nadeem, Shiraz Qureshi, women drivers Tushna Patel, Mariam Shiraaz, Nida Wasti, and Salma Khan will exhibit their skills and experience to drive on unbalance surface levels. More than 50+ Racers will be going to participate in this Hub Rally Cross, In addition a new category named as "Veteran" has been announced by the Chief Organizer Mr. Shujaat Sherwani in which the racers above 60 + age who haven't been racing for at least 3 years can take part and memorize the thrill feeling of Rally Racing again.

Spectators does not only enjoy race at Hub Rally Cross but there are many fun activities like Power gliding, test drive of new vehicles on a small racing track, camping, food stalls and music.

This 50 km track is the smallest but most challenging route for the drivers due to rocky and sandy obstructing plus the coastal part Gaddani will be a big test for the racers. This is the reason why the hub rally is the most awaited event for these riders. Roll-bar along with a helmet, seat-belt, fire-extinguisher, and first-aid box in every vehicle is mandatory for participants. Keeping the covid safety measures use of the mask is a necessity.

Some of the glimspses of "HUB RALLY CROSS" are: