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Hub Rally 2022

The most loved racing event of Pakistan. Hub Rally 2022 is coming in January 2022. What’s different between Hub Rally and Others? It has its unique location that no other Rally has, A sea facing track, A unique terrain, sand, mud, rocks and above all spectators of about 50,000 watching, supporting and cheering their favorite racers of Pakistan.

It has been happening every year for eight years. With its age the track has also grown in size from only 11 kms to 100 Kms. A fast track which does not allow drivers to rest for a second of their drive. All the drivers have high praises for the Hub Rally making it a feast for the passionate lovers of this thrilling and exciting event. It won’t be false If it is said that Hub Rally is the most watched racing event of Pakistan. All the News channels, social media, Journalists, photographers, sports lovers, travelers, Vloggers, Bloggers gather around the track to get the beautiful clicks, Views and stories about the most exciting racing event of Sindh/Baluchistan.

Getting to Hub Rally event is very easy, the announcements of its happening(dates) is published on various channels before a month. The beauty of the area Hub, Baluchistan is just at the border of Sindh and Baluchistan. Due to an easy come and go from Karachi to Baluchistan and back It nearly takes a 50 kms drive one way from the center of Karachi city to Hub Rally track or rather a one hour drive to the track from your home.

Spectators does not only enjoy race at Hub Rally but there are many fun activities like Power gliding, test drive of new vehicles on a small racing track, camping, food stalls and music.

What Hub Rally expects from Pakistan? Hub Rally expects all motorsport lovers to come out to watch a race full of speed and thrill. Have pictures, make videos and publish them to win for the best picture/video awards. Show the world that we are a peaceful nation which loves other sports too and racing is our favorite.

7th Hub Rally Cross 2020 By Toyota Highway Motors


Pakistan has always been well known for its bright culture, scrumptious fiery food, vibrant colors, and enthusiasm for sports, moreover, not to snub the everlasting cricket fever! With the growing trend for the love of motor sports all around the world, nonetheless it has become one of the most emerging sports in Pakistan.

Since almost a decade of perseverance in promoting motor sports, the CEO of Toyota Highway Motors, Mr. Shujaat Sherwani alongside Sherwani group has been hosting Hub Rally Cross at Max Dirt Arena located in Hub Baluchistan, just 45KM drive from Karachi opposite to Sherwani farms. It is a 20KM track consisting of variations in the terrain, whether it be rough, smooth, dogleg turn or bumpy patches. It takes your Rally 4x4 driving experience to a whole new level! The track is fancied by the pinnacles and Rocky Mountains that surround the track with the seasoning of zephyr in addition with food stalls, good music and panoramic view for spectators to enjoy the race is a complete entertainment package on a winter afternoon for families to enjoy.

Just like every year, Hub Rally Cross 7th edition has been one of the successful hits starring Sahibzada Sultan, Ronnie Patel, Asif Imam, Nadeem Khan and nevertheless Tushna Patel from Women’s category. It was held on 18th and 19th of January, 18th was the day set for reiki followed by the main event on 19th of January. The race consisted of 3 Categories i.e. Prepared, Stock and Women category. In the latest iteration, Sahibzada Sultan grabbed the top spot in prepared category A. Roughly around 15,000 spectators took out time to spend their day as leisure, which is why we call it an achievement. We can undoubtedly say that the credit goes to Mr. Shujaat Sherwani who is one of the pioneers in automobile industry and a milestone setter in motor sports; who has put immense efforts in this and had a vision to take Motor sports on a new level.

To bring the visionary plan in reality, it initiated back in 2012 with a 12KM track mapped by a team of experts. The whole idea behind execution of this event was to give people an opportunity to have a flavor of 4x4 off-roading in a controlled environment. Since there are no proper places out there in the city to test one’s 4x4 off-roading skills hence Max Dirt Arena offers them a combo deal with a multi-terrain race track to nurture and nourish their 4x4 driving skills to an extreme. Despite the Arena’s vicinity being situated in a remote area, safety is not jeopardized at any cost! With all the drones, security personnel, ambulances on standby and paramedics team, there had never been any fatal or serious accidents. It is imperative for drivers to get roll bars installed, seatbelts intact and fastened and last but most importantly they must wear helmets while driving their 4x4 beasts. Last but not the least, following were the winners of Hub Rally 7Th edition securing top position in their respective categories:

Prepared Category A: Mr. Sahibzada Sultan
Prepared Category B: Mr. Nauman Saranjam
Prepared Category C: Mr. Nadeem Khan
Prepared Category D: Mr. Beiwargh Mazari
Stock Category A: Mr. Jeeyand Hoth
Stock Category B: Mr. Ali Magsi
Stock Category C: Maj. Usman Malik
Women Category: Tushna Patel

6th Hub Rally Cross 2019 By Toyota Highway Motors

Pakistan has always been famous for its love for sports, whether its cricket, hockey, tennis or Golf our passion for sports has always been at its peak. Besides these well known sports activities there has been an emerging sports event which started as a hobby and now has become one of the best sports event of Pakistan known by the name of “HUB RALLY CROSS”.

Hub Rally Cross is a Motor racing event which is organized every year by the TOYOTA HIGHWAY MOTORS along with the Sherwani Group at the location Of MAX DIRT ARENA in HUB Baluchistan only 45km away from Karachi right opposite to Sherwani Farms. This is Private racing track owned by Mr. Shujaat Sherwani CEO of TOYOTA HIGHWAY MOTORS who has been a well known name in the automobile industry for the past 20 years.

The Track is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Hub Mountain Range covering the approx area of 11km. The track consists of two different categories of racing tracks; one for the amateurs by the name of” FAST FUN FEST” covering the area of 1.5km to enjoy the test drive of 4x4 Vehicles and other for skilled racers covering the area of 11km for the main racing Event. It is the shortest yet most difficult 4x4 racing track brilliantly organized to provide the racer with the extreme thrill and excitement of challenging and time bound racing journey.

The Chief Organizer Mr. Shujaat Sherwani who himself is a big fan and supporter of Racing, he Wanted to provide a proper platform to the motor sports lovers so that they can nourish their racing skills in a safe and well organized environment, so to make his dream come true he started this event by the name of HUB RALLY CROSS in 2014 and since then it has been organized every year. Growing year by year in crowd, racers, sponsors and media it has become the most liked awaited and glamorous event of the year.

The major attraction for the spectators is that the whole race is visible to them and it ends in a day. It is a family event with Food Stalls, Music, Kids Play Section and Test Drive Activity area which makes it a healthy holiday spot not only for Karachi but also for Interior Sind and Baluchistan People.

Along with the male racing category there is also the female racing category to promote women empowerment. In the 6th HUB RALLY CROSS 2019 over 7000 spectators were spotted along with the huge participation of Media such as GEO, BOL, DUNYA, 24, etc and many famous celebs such as IRON BOTHERHOOD were also spotted.

The Event Started with the Stock Category race which was won by Mr. Mansoor Ali (Category A), Mr. Ronnie Patel (Category B) and Mr. Beburg Baloch (Category C), Form Female Category the emerging talent Ms. Salma Khan won the title, From Prepared the race was won by Mr. Asif Imam (Category A), Mr. Amir Magsi (Category B), Mr. Shiraz Qureshi (Category C).

6th Hub Rally cross 2019 was sponsored by TOYOTA, Meezan Bank, Nexen Tyre, Dalda, Alpha Tea, Pakola, Pak Wheels, Geo Super and many others, This is a great platform for automobile product, parts manufacturers and energy drink manufacturers to market their product with the direct audience, We hope to reach more people with the help of our gracious motor sports loving sponsors to promote such events and make Pakistan Proud.