Toyota Genuine Gear Oil

Toyota Genuine Gear Oil are high performance Gear oil having outstanding extreme pressure characteristics and load – carrying properties, intended for use in all type of Toyota Vehicles Toyota Spark Plug

Product Range

>> Manual Transmission Gear Oil
Manual transmission contain a synchro mechanism, an oil with as high a coefficient of dynamic friction as possible is required for this area, & low coefficient of static friction to provide good shift feel.

>> Available grades
• API GL-4 75W-90
• API GL-5 75W-90
>> Differential Gear Oil
Extreme pressure agents are added to meet the need of high pressure resistance to counter the impact loads that are applied at high sliding speeds. Suitable for automotive hypoid differentials & final drives fitted to most Cars, 4WD’s & commercial vehicles.
>> Available grades
• API GL-5 85-90
>> Limited Slip Differential Oil (LSD)
Limited slip differential (LSD) has a complex structure, which in particular requires special gear oil. Therefore, the hypoid gear oil to be used depends on differential construction. Use where a limited slip is specified.
>> Available gradess
• API GL-5 85W-90

General Characteristics

• Premium quality extreme pressure gear oil designed by TMC, which gives high load carrying ability.
• Protection against wear, corrosion of steel and copper containing alloys.
• Reduced gear tooth wear due to excellent load – carrying properties.
• More than 20,000 KM mileage